What is Google Ads?

Google Ads Management Services

Google is the place where everyone goes to look up for things. Before you go on google to search the meaning of “Google Ads”, let us help you understand the meaning of it. Google ads from the name might sound like advertisements on google. It is however merely a part of it. People are searching for where to go, what to do and what you buy all the time on google. A well targeted ad works like the bullseye shot in the game of Dart.


Google ads is one of the most popular services provided by Google. Almost all businesses, mainly ecommerce use these services to market and advertise their products and services. The advertisement is placed on various platforms like google search result pages, Gmail, YouTube and other websites who are a part of the Google Ads Program.With Google Ads, brands don’t need to unnecessarily burn money on advertising. The advertisers only pay whenever a customer clicks on their ad and visits their website. Google ads algorithm is such that it shows ads to the relevant customers only.


Google Ads is a Google-owned and controlled online advertising platform. Your firm can use Google Ads to establish a variety of ad campaigns and ad formats. The tool also makes it simple to track the success of your ads using Google Ads or Google Analytics ads.Google ads are adverts that display at the top of Google search results pages as well as on websites that are part of Google’s ad network. This method aims to entice consumers to visit these pages in order to learn more about a business, making it a highly effective marketing tactic.


That’s why YelloDrive, a digital marketing agency, opts to promote on Google, we enhance your chances of being recognized by your target audience dramatically.


Whether you own a tiny business or a multinational corporation, advertising on Google is a tried-and-true approach to raising brand awareness and getting customers thinking about your organization. Ads can also be used to target consumers who are close to purchasing a product, resulting in an immediate return.


Because some of your future clients may not be aware of your firm, we make sure Google advertising can help them learn about it, increasing your chances of generating new leads and increasing your sales. We may also find out which keywords bring in the most quality website visitors. Furthermore, we track the number of conversions generated by the ads, which can assist your business in demonstrating the worth of Google advertising.


Assessing the effectiveness of the campaign is very simple and painless via the user-friendly dashboard. Using Google Ads, we assess the success of the advertisements and make any necessary modifications with our pay per click management services.

Why to Use Google Ads?


  • Google ads helps increasing traffic on your website, thus helping you grow sales, bookings on your website directly.
  • It helps promote your business on various google products and partner services.
  • Gives you full control to tweak your advertisements according to your target audience.
  • Get more calls and generate leads with the feature to add your phone number to your google ads
  • With the feature to add your company on the map, you get more physical visits to your shop/business store.
  • You are in total control of the budget you want to spend on your google ads.
  • Within a minimum time span, you’ll notice targeted traffic for your brand.

What About Google Analytics?

Google Ads and Analytics are pieces of the same puzzle. Google Analytics gives you the free instruments you really want to analyze information for your business in one spot, so you can settle on more intelligent choices. Analytics works with Google’s advanced publicizing and distributer items, so you can utilize your insights to convey business results. Google Analytics audits and offers built-in specialized help and a global infrastructure that conveys secure, exact information across your sites and applications while remaining completely under your influence.

Why Choose Yellodrive for Google Ads & Analytics Services:

On the surface it might look like Google ads and analytics is easy to use, but brands mostly don’t get as much result as expected out of it. Why? Not having enough experience or expertise to make the most out of Google Ads & Analytics.


We have a team of certified professionals and experts from Google Ads who make sure there’s never a penny wasted and makes sure it drives qualitative and potential traffic to your website.


Our focus is not to get the most money out of your pockets but to get the most business returns for you.  We focus on bringing significant traffic from the spending which drives genuine outcomes in the blink of an eye. From the billions of searches led on Google consistently, we guarantee your services reach to possible clients with our endeavors and administration. Overseeing Ads in a superior manner needs a great deal of involvement and mastery, only one out of every odd business possesses sufficient skill and energy for. Till date, we have worked with many organizations, from new organizations to huge ventures and driven demonstrated outcomes with 100 percent achievement proportion. You don’t need to spend a lot of money and effort, we got this covered for you.

Our Google Ads Services include:


  • Keyword research and selection
  • Competitive research
  • Text and image Ads creation
  • Ideas to optimize landing pages
  • PPC cost management
  • PPC Monitoring
  • Ad campaign modification and improvements
  • Conversion tracking
  • Monthly report