Landing pages and email marketing should complement one other like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, and so on. Landing pages are commonly used to collect email addresses, which is a vital step in growing your email list. You’ll need an email marketing sequence that establishes trust and nourishes your relationship whenever you’re ready to send emails to your new subscriber. Without the other, neither can work properly. In marketing, email continues to play an important role. Emails can be used for a variety of things, including permission-based outreach, customer and partner contact, and corporate communication. A well-crafted email should be paired with a well-designed landing page as part of any marketing strategy. Yellodrive’s full-service offering includes copy, design, CRM and Marketing Automation connectivity, and reporting – everything you need to operate a successful email campaign.

Any organization that invests in SEO and PPC advertising requires landing pages that are specifically developed for ad links. When you attach your ad links to the site’s homepage, the conversion rate decreases. Connecting the ad link to the landing page for which it was built increased the likelihood of converting those visitors into strong leads. Remember that the people only spend a few seconds on a landing page, and if the website does not serve the objective that the ad link provides, you may lose them as customers. The concept behind a landing page is that your users must “pay” you in information in order to gain access to an offer. Visitors to a landing page must fill out a form. Though the information you seek will vary, the majority of it will include contact details and demographic information. Any type of advertising becomes considerably more effective when directed to a page that only contains content that complements the message in your ads.

The basic design of a landing page is similar to that of a regular webpage, but we strive to make it unique, engaging and result-oriented by including all major elements that encourage guests to take action and accomplish the work you have assigned to them, such as filling out a form, calling you, emailing you, or any other call to action activity that you desire.  

When consumers click along through your social media ads, we’ll develop landing pages that they can’t help but engage on. Don’t put your trust in just any digital marketing firm; as YelloDrive tests everything we do and constructs sales funnels that feel like your website, with conversions design in mind.  You are in charge of all executions. We’ll make certain that the best-performing tests are prioritized. We’ll examine web traffic and landing page anatomy and provide recommendations.

A Perfect Emailer & Landing Page Combo Helps You With The Following:

  • Make a good first impression on new members to your email list.
  • Customers are onboarded using customised emails that are sent based on their preferences.
  • Nurture high-quality leads and turn them into more sales.
  • Based on your email segmentation strategy, provide personalised recommendations.
  • Recover abandoned carts to make the sale go more smoothly.
  • Engage inactive users who might require additional help with your product.

It’s critical to make sure your email content is relevant to the landing page’s call-to-action when you establish a new landing page. Your target audience will be confused and turned off if there is a discrepancy between the offer on the landing page and what you are addressing in your emails. This is why it’s usually preferable to hire a professional email marketing agency. You can save time and energy by letting the experts handle it. 


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