Launch Party? Is it Rocket Science?

Business Launch Strategy

Since its about launch, we’d not miss the chance to use this pun. Launch Plan isn’t Rocket Science but it is a very critical and challenging task for any Business. Be it launching a new brand altogether or introducing a new range of products or services, a successful launch strategy is the key to the brand or the product’s success. With primary focus on communicating the right message to the right audience in the right tonality while bringing the vision of the brand to the forefront, a product launch plan can help a business gain loyal customer base from day one and increase the brand’s strength in manifolds. Investing in a fruitful launch plan is something every brand would prioritise on, before launching new products/brands in the market.


A launch plan to be effective, needs a team of expert to craft and develop it. A great launch strategy is not devised in one night. Thanks to our team of experts and professional with years on experience on their side, they leave no stones unturned to create the perfect launch strategy for your brand. We at Yellodrive, offer proven launch strategies and services to help bring your new products/service in the limelight. From research, ideation and execution to tracking the success of the launch plan, we take care of everything for you.


Launching a new product can be stressful, particularly for new firms or startups; but, if you follow a prudent and well-planned road via a successful digital marketing strategy for a new product, it is not so difficult. No amount of brilliant marketing can compensate for a poorly thought-out offering. However, without the assistance of a well-thought-out launch strategy, a high-quality product that may actually make a difference in the lives of your customers will most likely be undermined.


If you are preparing to launch a new product, you should first learn about online marketing and critical techniques to ensure that you can be found in the marketplace, reach your target audience, and succeed.


We at YelloDrive analyze your market, customer, and messaging before developing a brand strategy that leads to sign-up forms and campaigns to recruit product users. We blend customer awareness, insights, and expertise to create an agile launch strategy that will help you expand faster. We’ll find the channels, assets, platforms, and technologies needed to meet your objectives and provide results. Our versatile team creates the components to identify and implement, utilizing the most up-to-date technologies and techniques to automate processes and track results, ensuring your campaigns have maximum impact and client response. Our proven worldwide market experience and the diversified team will gladly propagate any idea across the globe–whether through translation, targeted marketing, user research, or anything else. So now hurry up and approach us to make your product launching more successful and hit than you ever thought. We assure you to give a new start to your business that will reach heights for sure with our ultimate social advertising services.


Why Yellodrive?

Each business is a brand, especially in today’s time when everyone moves in a Fastlane. A brand’s success is deeply rooted in a strong launch strategy. One that strongly resounds with your customers and clients. Your brand needs a star launch formula, and guess what? We’re the experts at doing it. We’ll sit over a cup of coffee with you, gather all the data we need to know about your brand. We do our part of research and analysis of the market and develop the best product launch plan for you.

Our Launch Strategy Will People Know:

Your Identity

  • Everything from the logo, the style of your ad, the colours should tell people who you are and where do you come from. Everything should tie it back in presenting your brand identity consistently. We make sure your identity is very well presented and portrayed to your customers through the new product launch plan.

Your Position

  • Our launch strategy will make people understand the “What” and “For Whom” aspect of your brand. Who are the audience you want to talk to and what is the product that you’re delivering to your target audience, should be clearly positioned right from the beginning for the newly launched product/service, and we establish your position right in the market.

Your Value

  • After establishing the identity and the position, it’s important to convince your customers to buy your product or avail your services. A customer will only buy a product when they realise that you’re adding a value to their life and you’re solving a purpose. Be it the practical value or an emotional value, our new product launch strategy brings it upfront to the customers.

How are we different?

  • An effective brand strategy designed by us will include elements that will emphasise on how your brand is different and most importantly better than the other existing brands in the market. Even if you’re priced high, you need an effective brand strategy to justify it with superior quality of products that no other brand can offer.

3..2..1… LAUNCH!

We love partying, so please get in touch and invite us to your launch party, only after we develop a successful LAUNCH Strategy for you.