Imagine driving down the road without knowing where to go. Imagine a little kid lost at a big carnival. It’s exactly a brand without proper 

brand positioning and campaign strategy.

  • What is it that your brand does differently? 
  • Who are your target audience? 
  • What is the problem that your brand solves? 
  • And what category does it fall under?
  • These are just a few of the questions, only an effective brand positioning can help you answer.

Brand Positioning Services

Positioning the brand in the market and identifying where you stand and who you compete with, is an essential part of establishing a brand. To make the brand positioning process effective and efficient, we at yellodrive, treats brand positioning like dating, we start off by meeting for the 

first date, where you introduce your brand to us, tell us a little about yourself, your background, what do you do and what is it that makes you 

special and as we fall in love with your brand, we create a brand positioning for the world to know the brand better. As an established brand positioning agency, we help your brand find a voice, and create a personality that will suit the brand. Brand positioning is the stepping stone 

for your brand’s communication; from your social media profiles, to content planning, the visuals you’ll use and even the tonality of the future campaigns everything depends on the brand positioning.


An Effective brand positioning is your business’s backbone. It brings forth the purpose, the promise, the brand values and the legacy that the brand is built upon. Your positioning is what decides how your brand is perceived. Effective brand positioning is the reason why a food delivery 

app is followed wildly on Instagram, where they don’t even post about their services.


After Establishing the brand positioning, the next big step is the campaign strategy, where the brand develops a framework for the marketing of their products and services. Yellodrive, provides campaign services, which ensures the marketing efforts flow in the right and logical direction, so that the brand can reap maximum benefits out of the marketing tools and services.


Campaign Strategy vary for various products, and depending upon the requirement of the product/services our team of experts develop strategies accordingly. Ticking off all the boxes, we ensure your campaign to be successful and most importantly impactful. Garnering likes on social media could be one of our objectives but isn’t the main focus. Our campaign strategy focuses on building an everlasting and recurring customer base and making the brand reach new heights in terms of growth and development.


It is not a simple way from becoming an organization to becoming a brand name that communicates with its customers. Brands do not emerge overnight. Your customers have the ability to turn your product/service into a heavily advertised brand! Communication is essential. You’ve got a winner if the brand communication is straightforward and hits the audience in the correct places. Without a doubt, brand positioning is one of the most  important elements of a brand strategy.


It seeks to imprint your business on the minds of your target audience for a specific purpose in order to assist them to differentiate your brand from competitors. Whatever business you’re in, it’s likely a loud place full of competition all striving for the attention of your common audience. 


In the world of brands, content is still the king. and we at YelloDrive make it worthwhile by Creating content that appeals to the target audience and is yet relevant to your brand needs a bit of skill and practice, but it isn’t rocket science. It’s a wise and smart choice to always ask your audience to share, comment, vote, or suggest what they wish to see more of. When you listen to them, they will listen to you!


In this way, your customers become the co-creators of your content. We follow this strategy quite often and it always works. We post stuff that we believe the audience would enjoy for the sake of amusement and light-hearted entertainment. There might be no connection to the blog or any other Call-To-Action. This sends a powerful message to followers that you’re not just here to sell, but also to delight and serve them. This will make readers want to read the material while also increasing their trust in your brand. This campaign strategy helps to increase the brand value and online market reputation of the brand we are working with.