Reasons why your engagement is dropping

Creating content is important but being all about it is what sells it. Here are some easy ways to improve your engagement from dropping.

I) There is a clear disconnection between the brand & your audience: Until the audience doesn’t relate to the brand, they clearly cannot take action. The brand has to create its niche and stay relevant and attract the correct audience.

II)  Our page is all about you and not your audience: It is very essential to engage with your target audience, on a regular basis. Understand what your audience really wants to see & then emphasise on that.

III) The content that you post does not add value to your brand: when you post bad content to your social media channels, you run the risk of overshadowing all the hard work you’ve put into building your presence, and establishing connection with your online audience.

IV) Your engagement for them is restricted and there is no appreciation or incentive for them: Your social media profiles are an extension of your brand, and although you’re restricted by the format of the social platform you’re posting to, you still have creative control over your brand voice and tone.

V) When you’re planning out your social content, revisit your brand personas. Think about what they would be saying on social media and how they’d be saying it. Make sure that the content you publish stays as close to these styles and themes as possible.

VI) You are unaware of the type of content your audience likes or dislikes: The best alternative here is to conduct a market survey and to analyse the consumer behaviour and the insights will help understand what are the likes and dislikes of your audience or niche.

VII) Keeping your audience hooked to you is a task but is also the most important way to connect with them and have them on board for a longer period of time. If your engagement starts dropping, you need to buckle up and start re strategising.

VIII) Engage with similar business by liking, commenting and sharing their content. This will not only lead to mutual engagement but will also form a community which will help your brand or business at the end of the day.

 IX) It’s a struggle when your content is popping and you are thrilled about posting it in every domain yet, the likes aren’t how you wanted it to be and nobody is sharing your posts or stories. It does feel demotivating for sure. Every business goes through this at some point or the other. With Instagram algorithms changing day in and day out, it’s important to keep up with the trends and act upon it. As a brand you need to stop denying what people want to see. People like real content, real engagement, real interaction and real human connection. As a brand, you need to give the audience the above.